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Book chapter

Software Algorithm for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Financial Message Transfer System

P. 308-311.
Zagumennov P. D., Belov A. V.

The objective of this research is to develop a
software algorithm for evaluating the effectiveness of using the
Financial Message Transfer System for Remote Banking
Systems. The study considers hardware system that provide two
types of interactions between the legal entity and the bank:
«Direct Banking» and «Internet Banking». During the work were
identified and analyzed the main features of remote banking
systems and determined the efficiency criteria of the systems.
Based on the analysis output, were developed and proposed a
mathematical model for evaluating the effectiveness of
considered systems thought using the cost and quantity
coefficients of system ensuring, as well as the financial and
economic business performance indicators. In accordance with
the proposed mathematical model, was constructed an algorithm
that makes it possible to obtain quantitative estimates of Remote
Banking Systems effectiveness. The developed algorithm belongs
to the heuristic class and is based on the analysis of both the open
statistical and the modeled by simulation tools data. The
conducted computational experiments reflects the efficiency of
the proposed mathematical model, as well as an algorithm based
on the developed model.