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Великобритания и Европейский союз: сложный путь к постбрекзиту

The article is devoted to
the analysis of the consequences of the referendum
on the UK’s membership in the
European Union. The causes that contributed
to the radical transformation of political
processes and crisis phenomena in the
framework of European integration processes
are revealed. It is noted that the crisis
of the British model of democracy and the
rise of “monitoring democracy”, as well as
the constitutional reforms in the UK, which
were not brought to a logical conclusion, influenced
the effectiveness of political institutions.
The range of new complex issues of
constitutional, legal, financial, economic,
social and humanitarian nature that need
to be addressed in the context of brexit is determined.
The features of the development and implementation
of the strategies of the United
Kingdom and the European Union on
the negotiation process are considered. The
most important stages of negotiations on the
problem of developing an agreement defining
the conditions and principles of relations
between the parties in the post-brexit period
are studied. Particular attention is paid
to the key controversial issues - the implementation
of the financial obligations of the
United Kingdom to the EU, guarantees the
rights of EU citizens and their families living
in the UK, as well as the preservation of
the free movement of people, goods, services
and capital between Northern Ireland and
the Republic of Ireland.
The author analyzes internal and external
factors that have a direct impact on the
course of the dialogue, arguments and counter-
arguments of the parties, the reasons
for the change in the positions of the United
Kingdom and EU leaders on key issues
of cooperation in the new historical conditions.
There is a deep split between British
society and the main political forces of the
country on the issue of withdrawal from the
EU. The factors that led the UK to a serious
political crisis and the inability to develop
an adequate and effective brexit strategy
are considered.