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Welcome to the 2020 Moscow Workshop on Electronic and Networking Technologies

P. 1-1.

MWENT is IEEE-sponsored workshop whose objective is to bring together scientific
researchers, engineers, students, technical managers and others from both industry and academia
to present and discuss papers. The meeting was established with the support of the IEEE Russia
Section to address networking from both fundamental viewpoints as well as system-level
perspectives. The Workshop is forum for long-term innovation and original approaches to
telecommunications and electron devices problems. We also have outstanding technical topics
on many important aspects of network systems – waveform design, channel modeling,
performance bounds, multi-user techniques, interference issues, wideband antennas and
applications in communications.
Internet becomes the hot topic in these days, and we were watching that mobile
communication and Internet have revolutionized our way of living as well as working. As we are
used to such conveniences, it needs more bandwidth, and more spectrum requirements. The ever
increasing demands are challenging to the ingenuity of the microwave and control engineers.
This biennial meeting is for all engineers and researchers who work or are interested in future
developments of MWENT topics of interest. Distinguished delegates and renowned experts will
be participating and delivering keynote addresses and lecturers in the emerging areas. Different
levels and characters of presentations are accepted: presentation of research and scientific results,
new ideas, valuable conclusions from experience, and state of the art. A special invitation goes to
our industrial community to exhibit their latest products, inform us about their services and
participate in the conference with papers. We also encourage you to plan ahead and take
advantage of the wonderful opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the largest gathering of
The technical program spans most of the key areas in wireless communications and electron
devices. As is evident from just those categories alone, the exciting technical program will
almost assuredly provide some topics of interest for all attendees. Many papers were received as
a result of the open call. In keeping with the goal at MWENT to become one of the highest
quality conferences in Moscow, the acceptance rate was less than 70 %. The final Program and
Proceedings contains 160 papers, selected from submitted manuscripts through a rigorous review
process. Our Scientific Program Committee worked with many reviewers worldwide to select
papers for the program. The Organizing Committee extends thanks to the authors and reviewers.
Your participation and interest are appreciated.
Just as new technologies are not developed in a single laboratory at an identifiable moment in
time, new conferences are not successful if they exist only once. Evolving technologies require
continuous meetings to provide the interested community an opportunity to maintain the dialog.
The participants of MWENT and Tomsk Chapter both recognize this. Therefore, we decided to
organize a next event in 2022.