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Демографический дайджест 2015-3

Демографическое обозрение. 2015. Т. 2. № 3. С. 202-224.
Кашницкий И. С.
  • Coleman D., S. Basten, F. C. Billari. Population — The long view
  • Billari F. C. Integrating macro- and micro-level approaches in the explanation of population change
  • Livi-Bacci M. What we can and cannot learn from the history of World population
  • Kreager P. Population theory — A long view
  • Sear R. Evolutionary contributions to the study of human fertility
  • Reher D. S. Baby booms, busts, and population ageing in the developed world
  • Van Bavel J., D. S. Reher. The baby boom and its causes: what we know and what we need to know
  • Lutz W., E. Striessnig. Demographic aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Demeny P. Sub-replacement fertility in national populations: Can it be raised?
  • Teitelbaum M. S. Political Demography: Powerful trends under-attended by demographic science
  • Basten S., Q. Jiang. Fertility in China: an uncertain future
  • Coleman D., S. Basten.  The death of the West: An alternative view
  • Bongaarts J., C.Z. Guilmoto. How many more missing women? Excess female mortality and prenatal sex selection, 1970-2050
  • Shon J.-L. P. K., G. Verdugo. Forty years of immigrant segregation in France, 1968-2007. How different is the new immigration?
  • Sobotka T., É. Beaujouan. Two is best? The persistence of a two-child family ideal in Europe
  • Esping-Andersen G., F. C. Billari. ∙ Re-theorizing family demographics
  • Anderson T., H.-P. Kohler. Low fertility, socioeconomic development, and gender
  • Doocy S., E. Lyles, T. D. Delbiso, C. W. Robinson, The IOCC/GOPA Study Team. Internal displacement and the Syrian crisis: An analysis of trends from 2011–2014
  • Fakih A., M. Ibrahim. The impact of Syrian refugees on the labor market in neighboring countries: Empirical evidence from Jordan
  • Bircan T., U. Sunata. Educational assessment of Syrian refugees in Turkey
  • Yaylacı F. G., M. Karakuş.  Perceptions and newspaper coverage of Syrian refugees in Turkey