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Welcome : message from the Technical Program Chair

P. 1-1.

Dear Colleagues,
It is time for another continuation of tradition for SIBCON, the prime forum of
Tomsk IEEE Chapter to share the latest academic and technical accomplishments in the
fields of control, microwave, wireless, electron devices, and related areas. I would like to
welcome all the participants, and especially, to express the warmest gratitude to all the
paper presenters for sharing their valuable experiences with us, on behalf of the organizing
committee of SIBCON-2021, Kazan.
The technical program for the SIBCON Conference spans most of the key areas in
control, wireless and mobile communications, from the physical properties up through the
packing. Among the topics receiving, the largest numbers of papers for this year's conference
were technology of microwave electron devices, signal processing, antennas, and
network systems. As is evident from just those categories alone, the technical program
will almost assuredly provide some topics of interest for all attendees.
A total of 100 papers were received as a result of the open call, which is the highest
number in SIBCON history. In keeping with the goal at SIBCON to become one of the
quality conferences, the acceptance rate was less. Many reviewers have participated in the
paper review and selection processes. Besides, some papers concern Kazan Scientific
Center was invited.
The conference kicks off with a Plenary Session delivered by Prof. E.A. Magid, General
Chair of SIBCON. I could think of no better way to start this conference off than with
an opportunity for all of us to share valuable insights into the possibilities of the Kazan
Scientific community to enter modern technologies into the commercial marketplace.
The Technical Program Committee prepared a rich, diverse, and up-to-date program
that should satisfy your interest in learning about revolutionary and evolutionary developments
in control, robotics, and microwave fields and supporting technologies. Together
with the high power keynote and executive sessions, conference tutorials, the overall program
of SIBCON brings into focus the two threads of our topic: the convergence of circuit
design and packing, and the integration of micro- and nanotechnologies. We also
have an outstanding technical program for the conference, with papers on many important
aspects of AI systems.
Many people expended a great deal of effort to put this technical program together. I
would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the exceptional work rendered
by all track chairs as well as the session chairs and TPC members. I would first like
to thank all young participants who submitted their papers on modern topics. Special
thanks to sponsors for their support and generous sponsorship. Finally, I would like to express
my appreciation to the leadership of KFU to join us in this wonderful hospitality.
The Technical Program Committee and I look forward to seeing you here. We hope
that you will enjoy the technical, cultural, and natural selections we are preparing for you.