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Nabebin A. A. M.: Издательство МЭИ, 1998.
Добавлено: 21 июня 2016
Nabebin A. A. M.: 2003.
Добавлено: 17 декабря 2011
Chasiotis A., Breugelmans S. M. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Cross-cultural psychology has come of age as a scientific discipline, but how has it developed? The field has moved from exploratory studies, in which researchers were mainly interested in finding differences in psychological functioning without any clear expectation, to detailed hypothesis tests of theories of cross-cultural differences. This book takes stock of the large number of empirical studies conducted over the last decades to evaluate the current state of the field. Specialists from various domains provide an overview of their area, linking it to the fundamental questions of cross-cultural psychology such as how individuals and their cultures are linked, how the link evolves during development, and what the methodological challenges of the field are. This book will appeal to academic researchers and postgraduates interested in cross-cultural research.

Добавлено: 23 ноября 2012
Shilina M. G. M.: 2013.

Учебно-методические материалы программы курса для специальности «Реклама и связи с общественностью».

Добавлено: 9 февраля 2014

Учебное пособие содержит программы учебных дисциплин, планы семинарских занятий, рекомендации по самостоятельной работе, программы научно-исследовательского и научно-практического семинаров и другие материалы, необходимые студентам 1 курса бакалавриата Факультета права для успешного освоения цикла теоретико-исторических правовых дисциплин.Учебное пособие содержит программы учебных дисциплин, планы семинарских занятий, рекомендации по самостоятельной работе, программы научно-исследовательского и научно-практического семинаров и другие материалы, необходимые студентам 1 курса бакалавриата Факультета права для успешного освоения цикла теоретико-исторических правовых дисциплин.

Добавлено: 30 июня 2019
М.: Буки Веди, 2012.

Настоящее пособие предназначается для студентов 2 курса факультетов иностранных языков, изучающих немецкий язык как основной. Пособие может использоваться в преподавании немецкого как второго иностранного языка, а также в качестве дополнительного материала для студентов гуманитарных факультетов, изучающих немецкий язык как факультатив с уровнем владения языком не ниже А2.

Добавлено: 21 января 2013
Afanasyev M., Luksha P., Peskov D. et al. Re-Engineering Futures, 2014.

The coming decades will see an era of the most radical changes in education since the appearance of national education systems. And the source of these changes will not be in the education system itself, but rather it will be driven primarily by industries: digital technologies, healthcare, and finance. Within the next twenty years, this new global architecture of education will emerge. We will examine the seminal design of this new architecture by creating a systemic vision of the impact that innovative technologies and emerging social practices will have on educational system. This analysis reflects a wide range of experience culled from educational experiments that we have observed, took part in or initiated ourselves. Our work is also an invitation to collaborate: it is a call to those who feel ready to take part in the creation of architecture, protocols, and practical solution for education in the 21st century. We believe that this kind of design requires an open-source platform, that we, working together will have to assemble.

Добавлено: 19 ноября 2014
Springer, 2015.

This book offers a wealth of interdisciplinary approaches to urbanization strategies in architecture centered on growing concerns about the future of cities and their impacts on essential elements of architectural optimization, livability, energy consumption and sustainability. It portrays the urban condition in architectural terms, as well as the living condition in human terms, both of which can be optimized by mathematical modeling as well as mathematical calculation and assessment.

Special features include:

• new research on the construction of future cities and smart cities

• discussions of sustainability and new technologies designed to advance ideas to future city developments

Graduate students and researchers in architecture, engineering, mathematical modeling, and building physics will be engaged by the contributions written by eminent international experts from a variety of disciplines including architecture, engineering, modeling, optimization, and related fields

Добавлено: 13 апреля 2015
Bogachev V. Providence: American Mathematical Society, 1998.

This book presents a systematic exposition of the modern theory of Gaussian measures. The basic properties of finite and infinite dimensional Gaussian distributions, including their linear and nonlinear transformations, are discussed. The book is intended for graduate students and researchers in probability theory, mathematical statistics, functional analysis, and mathematical physics. It contains a lot of examples and exercises. The bibliography contains 844 items; the detailed bibliographical comments and subject index are included.

Добавлено: 10 марта 2014
Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
Добавлено: 6 апреля 2018
Под науч. редакцией: Muravyeva Marianna. Routledge, 2013.

This project is an attempt to challenge the canonical gender concept while trying to specify what gender was in the medieval and early modern world. Despite the emphasis on individual, identity and difference that past research claims, much of this history still focuses on hierarchical or dichotomous paring of masculinity and femininity (or male and female). The emphasis on differences has been largely based on the research of such topics as premarital sex, religious deviance, rape and violence; these are topics that were, in the early modern society, criminal or at least easily marginalizing. The central focus of the book is to test, verify and challenge the methodology and use the concept(s) of gender specifically applicable to the period of great change and transition. The volume contains two theoretical sections supplemented by case-studies of gender through specific practices such as mysticism, witchcraft, crime, and legal behaviour. The first section, "Concepts", analyzes certain useful notions, such as patriarchy and morality. The second section, "Identities", seeks to deepen this analysis into the studies of female identities in various situations, cultures and dimensions and to show the fluidity and flexibility of what is called femininity nowadays. The third part, "Practises", seeks to rethink the bigger narratives through the case-studies coming from Northern Europe to see how conventional ideas of gender did not work in this particular region. The case studies also challenge the established narratives in such well-research historiographies as witchcraft and sexual offences and at the same time suggest new insights for the developing fields of study, such as history of homicide.

Добавлено: 27 февраля 2014
Kogan L. Boston: De Gruyter, 2015.

This volume is the first of its kind to offer a detailed, monographic treatment of Semitic genealogical classification. The introduction describes the author's methodological framework and surveys the history of the subgrouping discussion in Semitic linguistics, and the first chapter provides a detailed description of the proto-Semitic basic vocabulary. Each of its seven main chapters deals with one of the key issues of the Semitic subgrouping debate: the East/West dichotomy, the Central Semitic hypothesis, the North West Semitic subgroup, the Canaanite affiliation of Ugaritic, the historical unity of Aramaic, and the diagnostic features of Ethiopian Semitic and of Modern South Arabian. The book aims at a balanced account of all evidence pertinent to the subgrouping discussion, but its main focus is on the diagnostic lexical features, heavily neglected in the majority of earlier studies dealing with this subject. The author tries to assess the subgrouping potential of the vocabulary using various methods of its diachronic stratification. The hundreds of etymological comparisons given throughout the book can be conveniently accessed through detailed lexical indices.

Добавлено: 21 октября 2017
Багринцева Н. В., Иванова О. Ф. Тверь: Полипресс, 2016.

Учебное пособие предназначается для самостоятельной работы студентов II курса факультета мировой экономики и мировой политики по аспекту General English. Пособие имеет своей целью развитие академических навыков чтения и письма, необходимых для успешной сдачи экзаменов в формате IELTS.

Данное пособие является дополнением к базовому учебнику Upstream Advanced (by Virginia Evans – Lynda Edwards). Разделы пособия соотносятся с уроками 8, 1, 5, и 4 базового учебника.

Пособие содержит лексический комментарий (Vocabulary Commentary) к основному тексту каждого урока, дополнительные тексты с упражнениями, помогающие студентам самостоятельно подготовиться к обсуждению соответствующих тем на занятии, методические указания, лингвострановедческие комментарии, и практические задания, направленные на выполнение следующих задач:

 расширение лексического запаса общегуманитарной и социально-экономической тематики;

 развитие умения в процессе чтения извлекать и интерпретировать информацию, анализировать структуру текста;

 формирование умения писать некоторые виды эссе, интерпретировать и описывать графики и диаграммы;

 знакомство с особенностями системы высшего образования Великобритании.

Данное пособие охватывает следующие темы:

·        «Высшее образование»

·        «Личностное развитие и перспективы карьерного роста»

·        «Достижения технического прогресса, информационное общество и современный образ жизни»

·        «Социальные проблемы, их причины и пути решения»



Добавлено: 31 января 2017
Troshchenkova E. St. Petersburg: 2009.
Добавлено: 5 декабря 2011
Под редакцией: I. M. Krichever, V. M. Buchstaber. American Mathematical Society, 2008.

This volume contains a selection of papers based on presentations given in 2006-2007 at the S. P. Novikov Seminar at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow. Novikov's diverse interests are reflected in the topics presented in the book. The articles address topics in geometry, topology, and mathematical physics. The volume is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in the corresponding areas of mathematics and physics.

Добавлено: 18 апреля 2014
Antonov M., Rol C. P.: L'Harmattan, 2006.

Ce volume rassemble pour la première fois en français les écrits de jeunesse russes que Georges Gurvitch (1894-1965) consacrait à l’histoire de la philosophie du droit. Il s’ouvre sur « Pravda Voli Monarshej » de Théophane Prokopovitch et ses sources européennes (Grotius, Hobbes, Pufendorf) qui parut en 1915. Cet ouvrage, qui décida de la carrière académique de Gurvitch, est suivi de Rousseau et la Déclaration des droits. L’idée des droits inaliénables dans la doctrine politique de J.-J. Rousseau, un opuscule que Gurvitch publia en 1918. Ce volume s’achève par un article de 1922 qui porte sur l’idée des droits inaliénables aux XVII° et XVIII° siècles. Au fil de ces textes, Gurvitch développe les grands axes de sa pensée qui formeront l’arrière-plan de ses recherches parues dans l’entre-deux-guerres. Ils indiquent notamment les premiers jalons de la jonction entre philosophie du droit et sociologie dont le penseur était en quête avant de la stabiliser en 1931 à travers l’idée de droit social. Ces textes découvrent également tout un pan méconnu d’influences intellectuelles russes auxquelles Gurvitch a durablement puisé pour élaborer son système, et qu’il essaiera de faire reconnaître auprès des philosophes et sociologues en Allemagne, en France et aux Etats-Unis. Les matériaux rassemblés en fin de volume permettent d’aborder les textes présentés du point de vue de leur teneur intellectuelle et de leur poids dans la biographie de l’auteur. Il s’en dégage l’image d’un jeune juriste très tôt considéré par ses contemporains et ses professeurs qui le prennent en égal, le recensent et le critiquent – échanges en partie inédits dont Gurvitch entretiendra d’abord la lettre puis le souvenir à travers l’ensemble de son oeuvre.

Добавлено: 13 мая 2013
Gavrilenkov E., Stroutchenevski A., Konygin S. Iss. 5. M.: Sberbank CIB, 2016.

Both Georgia and Azerbaijan saw GDP growth decelerate in 2015 due to negative external factors. Azerbaijan's economy continued to contract in 1Q16, but Georgia showed some signs of recovery. As oil prices have stabilized above $40/bbl, pressure on the Azeri manat has eased. Pressure on the Georgian lari has also eased, and the currency has even strengthened, allowing the National Bank to cut the key policy rate.

Добавлено: 12 августа 2016
Под редакцией: T. Nutsubidze, C. Horn, B. Lourié et al. Boston; Leiden: Brill, 2014.

Shalva Nutsubidze (1888–1969) was a philosopher in the classic sense of the word: he dedicated his life to pursuing his love for Wisdom. Already in his younger years, he received a philosophical intuition that centered on the idea of aletheia, that is, the insight that Truth is the highest reality. Nutsubidze began to explain and articulate this intuition to himself and to others, with whom he engaged in dialogue, in different ways and in different contexts: as an original philosopher by using his own formulations, as a historian of philosophy by availing himself of the thoughts and formulations of congenial thinkers of the past such as Ioane Petritsi  and Dionysius the Areopagite, as a historian of literature by letting the poetic language of Shota Rustaveli and other mediaeval Georgian authors whom he had studied speak for himself. Nutsubidze’s choice of research topics was, quite naturally, influenced by the circumstances of life of his own epoch, circumstances that were full of risks for the life and well-being for anyone who was unable to keep under lock and hidden away his or her ability to think independently. Such pressures may account for the fact that studies of poetry and culture ended up occupying a much greater place in his scientific production than one would have expected it in the 1910s, when he had begun to make a name for himself as a scholar. Some will regret that he never returned to writing on  pure” philosophy after preparing his major monographs in the 1920s. However, this fact of his biography which was unfortunate from the perspective of the study of philosophy, turned into a fortunate felix culpa for the progress in studies of Georgian literature and, especially, studies of Rustaveli. Nutsubidze was the first to uncover, what by now has become a common place in scholarship: that Rustaveli was not only a poetic genius and a wise man, but also a philosopher in the vein of Dionysius the Areopagite and Ioane Petritsi. The very genre of Rustaveli’s poem could be called “philosophical poetry,” analogous to the manner in which one speaks of “philosophical dialogue.” Nutsubidze’s reading of The Knight in the Panther’s Skin has resurrected Rustaveli for the modern reader as a true philosopher. The present volume is dedicated to Shalva Nutsubidze and his memory by presenting studies that concentrate on the personalities and epochs, which were of particular interest to him: Dionysius the Areopagite andthe Iberian, the Christian Orient between the Council of Chalcedon and the Arab conquest, Ioane Petritsi and Shota Rustaveli in the context of the wider mediaeval Georgian culture, but especially with a focus on the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Since language is a constitutive pillar of cultural expression, we decided to conclude the volume with a new tool for learning the Old Georgian language, which still remains the least accessible language of the ancient and medieval Eastern Mediterranean Christian tradition. As a result, we hope that this volume will serve its audiences well when it is read as an introduction to Georgian Christian culture through the lens of several of its major themes.

Добавлено: 26 октября 2016
Arutyunov K. M.: Lebedev Institute, 2017.

Superconducting properties of metallic nanowires can be entirely different from those of bulk superconductors because of the dominating role played by thermal and quantum fluctuations of the order parameter. For superconducting channels with diameters below ∼ 50 nm fluctuations of the phase of the complex order parameter - the phase slippage  -  lead to non-zero resistance below the critical temperature.  Fluctuations of the modulus of the complex order parameter broaden the gap edge of the quasiparticle energy spectrum and modify the density of states. In extreme case of very narrow channels imbedded in high-impedance environment  (which fix the charge and, hence, enable strong fluctuations of the quantum-conjugated variable, the phase) the superconductor can be driven to insulating state  – the Coulomb blockade. We review recent experimental activities in the field demonstrating rather unusual phenomena.

Добавлено: 1 октября 2017
Корф Д. В., Шевченко Е. Е., Денисова А. Ю. и др. Институт публично-правовых исследований, 2017.

В монографии представлены результаты исследования института оценки в финансовом праве как комплексного института, урегулированного нормами налогового, бюджетного и таможенного законодательства. Рассмотрены вопросы эффек- тивности правовых механизмов оценки в плане минимизации возможных рисков причинения ущерба бюджету. На основе анализа механизма оценки, оценочных процедур авторы выходят на острейшие проблемы современной российской экономики и права — уклонение от налоговой обязанности, определение пределов законной оптимизации налогообложения, истощения резервного фонда и фонда национального благосостояния.

Добавлено: 25 января 2018
Piffer Tommaso. Bologna: Il Mulino, 2010.

The Allies and the Italian Resistance

Добавлено: 21 октября 2014