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Second Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management (SEIM-2017) (short papers)

Academic editor: M. Akhin, В. М. Ицыксон, Б. Новиков, C. George.

The Second Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management (SEIM-2017) aims to bring together students, researchers and practitioners in different areas of software engineering and information management. We consider SEIM-2017 to be a stepping stone for young researchers, which should help them familiarize with the conference workflow, practice writing academic papers, gather valuable feedback about their research and expand their research network. The conference welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics, including
but not limited to:
• Algorithms and data structures
• Cloud systems
• Coding theory
• Compilers
• Crowdsourcing
• Data storage and processing
• Development management
• Digital signal processing
• Distributed systems
• E-commerce / e-government
• Empirical software engineering
• High-performance computing
• Information retrieval
• Information security
• Intelligent data analysis
• Internet of Things
• Machine learning
• Mobile systems
• Modelling
• Natural language processing
• Networks and telecommunications
• (Non-)relational databases
• Operating systems
• Programming languages
• Recommendation systems
• Robotics
• Semantic web
• Social networks
• Software analysis
• Software testing
• Software verification
• Software virtualization
• Software-defined networks
• Theoretical computer science
In total, we received 35 papers, each reviewed by at least 3 members of the Program Committee, of which 8 were selected for publication in CEUR-WS.org, 8 — for indexing in RSCI, and 4 were accepted as talk-only to allow the young authors to experience the process of a scientific conference. We would like to thank the members of our Program Committee for their great work and contribution to the success of our conference!

These proceedings include the SEIM-2017 papers, which were selected by the Program Committee for publication in RSCI. These papers passed not only the original review procedure, but also an additional round of post-review with the conference feedback. We thank the authors for their submissions to SEIM 2017 and hope to see them in the future! Furthermore, we would also like to thank Tatiana Mironova and Sergey Zherevchuk for their great help in organizing the conference, Computer Science Center for hosting the event, and JetBrains Research for their overall support of this endeavour! The additional information about the SEIM conference series can be found on the conference website at: http://2017. seim-conf.org/

Second Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management (SEIM-2017) (short papers)