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Healthcare systems: Future predictions for global care

CRC Press, 2018.

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the
one most responsive to change.
—Charles Darwin
We live in an era of rapid and unprecedented change. Driven by technological innovation and changes in the way we deliver services, the
face of healthcare is undergoing a metamorphosis, shifting into a more
person-based, technologically enabled, evidence-based, and responsive
That is the theory, at least. But are health systems that are changing according to these plans heralding transformative change? And what do some of
the best thinkers believe is the prole of their health system over the next
5–15 years? We believe this book represents the best attempt yet to answer
those thorny questions.
Very few people could reach into the health systems of 152 countries and
territories and orchestrate a book of this magnitude. Jeffrey Braithwaite, as
series editor, accompanied by regional editors, Russell Mannion, Yukihiro
Matsuyama, Paul G. Shekelle, Stuart Whittaker, and Samir Al-Adawi, and
supported by an extremely knowledgeable team at Macquarie University,
Sydney, Australia, particularly Dr. Wendy James and Kristiana Ludlow, were
just the team to accomplish this.
The omnibus they have created is an invaluable source of predictions about
the future scope and shape of health systems across low-, middle-, and highincome countries. It is a treasure trove of important information. People will
use it as a practical guide to the future in many ways: it can be read for benet and learning by region, by theme, and by specic case study exemplars of
the kinds of reforms people are enacting in their health systems, extrapolated
across the medium-term time horizon. Most books do not do this. The fact
that this group has been able to achieve this is an endorsement of the skills,
efforts, ingenuity, and expertise of the editors, editorial team, and individual
chapter authors.
We commend this book and recommend it as a must-read to many
stakeholder groups: students of the system, policy-makers, planners, futurists,
and groups representing managers, clinicians, and patients—in fact, all those
who have an interest in healthcare and its future success. We enjoyed dipping
xii Preface
into it and thinking about its many learning points. We are sure others will
Wendy Nicklin
RN, BN, MSc(A), CHE, FACHE, FISQua, ICD.D President, International Society
for Quality in Health Care
Clifford F. Hughes
FISQua, AdDipMgt, Immediate Past President, International Society for Quality
in Health Care

Healthcare systems: Future predictions for global care