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CDUD 2016 – The 3rd International Workshop on Concept Discovery in Unstructured Data

Under the general editorship: J. Baixeries, D. I. Ignatov, D. Ilvovsky, A. Panchenko.

Concept discovery is a subdomain of Knowledge Discovery (KDD) that uses

human-centered techniques such as Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), Topic Mod-

eling, Visual Text Representations, Conceptual Graphs etc. for gaining insight

into the underlying conceptual structure of the data. Traditional machine learn-

ing techniques are mainly focusing on structured data whereas most data avail-

able resides in unstructured, often textual, form. Compared to traditional data

mining techniques, human-centered instruments actively engage the domain ex-

pert in the discovery process.

This volume contains the papers presented at the 3rd International Workshop

on Concept Discovery in Unstructured Data (CDUD 2016) held on July 18,

2018 at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow,

Russia. This workshop welcomes papers describing innovative research on data

discovery in complex data. It particular, it provides a forum for researchers and

developers of text mining instruments, whose research is related to the analysis

of linguistic and text data.

This year 15 papers had been submitted. Each submission has been reviewed,

at least, by 2 program committee members. Seven papers have been accepted

for regular publication in the proceedings, and three more submissions for pub-

lication as project proposals or abstracts.

Papers included in this volume cover a wide range of topics related to text

mining and structures for text representation: text navigation, statistical learning

models, automatic author or field identification in texts, among others.

An invited talk given by Natalia Loukachevitch from Moscow State Univer-

sity has opened the workshop program. She has surveyed modern tasks and

approaches in sentiment analysis of Twitter messages.

Our deep gratitude goes to all the authors of submitted papers, as well as

to the Program Committee members for their commitment. We also would like

to thank our invited speaker and our sponsors: National Research University

Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), Russian Foundation for Basic

Research, and ExactPro. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the EasyChair

system which helped us to manage the reviewing process.

CDUD 2016 – The 3rd International Workshop on Concept Discovery in Unstructured Data