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Рынок семян: глобализация, конкуренция и интеллектуальная собственность

Закон. 2016. № 5. С. 49-66.
Иванов А. Ю., Каталевский Д. Ю., Лианос Я.

The paper explores the competition dynamics of the global
seed market. It documents the economic concentration
of the sector, in particular the M&A activity of the major
seed companies and their reliance on complex intellectual
property strategies in order to offer a one stop shop
solution to farmers. Recent merger activity in this sector
(the Monsanto bid to buy Syngenta, the DuPont and Dow
merger deal, ChemChina’s bid to buy Syngenta) illustrates
its rapid transformation from an already concentrated
industry to a tight oligopoly on a global scale. The increasing
global consolidation of this industry raises new
challenges for competition law enforcement authorities
dealing with the emergence of new powerful actors at the
factor of production (input) level, in view of the broader
concerns animating public policy in the food sector and
the existence of a nexus of international commitments for
biodiversity, sustainability, the right to food etc. By exploring
this under-studied but fascinating area of competition law
enforcement we open the debate over the inclusion of
broader public interest concerns in competition policy and
the consideration of its distributive impact from a global