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Polishchuk A.
math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2021
We study embeddability of superschemes into Π-projective spaces and into supergrassmannians G(1|1,n|n). We give some criteria based on the relation with 𝔸0|1-torsors and 𝔸0|1-fibrations. We also prove the existence of nice quotients for free actions of 𝔸0|1 on superschemes.
math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2018
Given two fields k and F, a k-vector space V, an integer r≥1, we study the structure of the F-representation of the projective group PGL(V) in the F-vector space of formal finite linear combinations with coefficients in F of r-dimensional vector subspaces of V.  This gives a series of natural examples of irreducible infinite-dimensional representations of projective groups. These representations are non-smooth when k is a local field.
Sokolov P., Ivanova J.
Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2012. No. 08.
This article examines the relation of two models of civil science in the early modern political literature: the rhetorical science of contingency (rhetorica primaria), and mathesis politica, associated with Descartes by some early Enlightenment authors. The authors analyze the reception of the rhetorical aspect of Hobbes’s civil science with a special focus on Vico’s criticism of Hobbes’s constructivist state model, showing how Vico counters the Hobbesian ‘protosociological’ style of theorizing with his own historical way of reflecting on the social and ‘open’ structure of political action.
arxiv.org. math. Cornell University, 2012. No. 6503.
The fake monster Lie algebra is determined by the Borcherds function Phi_{12} which is the reflective modular form of the minimal possible weight with respect to O(II_{2,26}). We prove that the first non-zero Fourier-Jacobi coefficient of Phi_{12} in any of 23 Niemeier cusps is equal to the Weyl-Kac denominator function of the affine Lie algebra of the root system of the corresponding Niemeier lattice. This is an automorphic answer (in the case of the fake monster Lie algebra) on the old question of I. Frenkel and A. Feingold (1983) about possible relations between hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras, Siegel modular forms and affine Lie algebras.
Polyachenko S. S., Nye J. V., Bruhanov M.
Economics/EC. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2014. No. WP BRP 78/EC/2014.
Using a large sample drawn from families in the Moscow and Moscow region which are part of the Russian RMLS longitudinal survey we observe clear links between measured 2D:4D digit ratios and a variety of life outcome measures, even with the inclusion of multiple controls. Contributing to existing empirical findings, we found statistically significant empirical associations of 2D:4D with higher educational attainment, occupational outcomes, knowledge of foreign language, smoking, engaging in sport activities and with some aspects of respondent's self-esteem. In general, the character of detected empirical associations are different for women and men, as it was documented in our previous studies.
Bruhanov M., Nye J. V., Polyachenko S. S.
Economics/EC. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2016
Is in utero exposure to testosterone (T), measured by the second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D), associated with lifetime educational attainment? A growing body of work finds exposure to prenatal T to be associated with aggression, physical fitness, performance in computer science, and type of occupation. However, there has not yet been substantial research its relationship with lifetime educational outcomes. Using a large sample drawn from families in Moscow and in the Moscow region from the Russian Longitudinal Measurement Survey (RLMS), we observe clear links between measured 2D:4D and the levels of education obtained by men. Statistically significant positive associations between higher 2D:4D (lower prenatal T) and higher levels of education were found, using difference in means analysis and generalized ordered logit (gologit) regressions. These findings were also robust to using a different subsample. Weaker findings were seen for women. Since many of the earlier findings have shown the benefits of higher prenatal T for achievement, the current finding of a negative effect of prenatal T on educational attainment raises interesting issues about the ambiguous effects of prenatal T and the degree to which the traits it promotes interact with different tasks and social contexts.
Nye J. V., Androushchak G., Desierto D. et al.
Education. EDU. Высшая школа экономики, 2011. No. 01.
Exposure to prenatal androgens affects both future behavior and life choices. However, there is still relatively limited evidence on its effects on academic performance. Moreover, the predicted effect of exposure to prenatal testosterone (T) - which is inversely correlated with the relative length of the second to fourth finger lengths (2D:4D) - would seem to have ambiguous effects on academic achievement since traits like confidence, aggressiveness, or risk-taking are not uniformly positive for success in school. We provide the first evidence of a non-linear relationship between 2D:4D and academic achievement using samples from Moscow and Manila. We find that there is a quadratic relationship between high T exposure and markers of achievement such as grades or test scores and that the optimum digit ratio for women in our sample is lower (indicating higher prenatal T) than the average. The results for men are generally insignificant for Moscow but significant for Manila showing similar non-linear effects. Our work is thus unusual in that it draws from a large sample of nearly a thousand university students in Moscow and over a hundred from Manila for whom we also have extensive information on high school test scores, family background and other potential correlates of achievement. Our work is also the first to have a large cross country comparison that includes two groups with very different ethnic compositions.
Soukhanov L.
math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2018
We develop the formal analogue of the Morse theory for a pair of commuting gradient-like vector fields. The resulting algebraic formalism turns out to be very similar to the algebra of the infrared of Gaiotto, Moore and Witten (see [GMW], [KKS]): from a manifold M with the pair of gradient-like commuting vector fields, subject to some general position conditions we construct an L_∞-algebra and Maurer-Cartan element in it.  We also provide Morse-theoretic examples for the algebra of the infrared data.
Working papers by Cornell University. Cornell University, 2014. No. 1412.6690.
In the first section of this work we introduce 4-dimensional Power Geometry for second-order ODEs of a polynomial form. In the next five sections we apply this construction to the first five Painlev ́e equations.
Financial Economics. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2018. No. 64/FE/2018.
This paper discusses whether being smart makes depositors less prone to get involved in a panic bank run. We conduct a series of experiments with undergraduate and graduate students from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, modelling the a-la Diamond-Dybvig deposit market with liquidity shocks, changing macroeconomic conditions and risk-based investment technologies. Our results suggest that withdrawing on time is profitable, as the average returns of depositor investments are higher, especially if the other depositors in the bank also withdraw on time. Smarter depositors – those having better academic achievements – choose the strategy of avoiding early withdrawals more frequently: each additional grade point (out of ten) adds 9 p.p. to the share of rounds where a depositor withdraws on time. This result adds to the evidence that financial literacy – even measured in a very simple way – may prevent a coordination failure in the deposit market. Our results also suggest that panic withdrawals are more probable in markets with poorer economic conditions (liquidity shocks, less profitable or less liquid investments, costly financial information), but depositors show weak sensitivity to the risks of bank investments. Depositors of medium-sized banks withdraw on time more frequently compared to those in small or large banks.
Shumilina V.
Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2020
The paper suggests the abductive theory of meaning as a project based on the theory of abduction (Ch. S. Peirce), pragmatics (P. Grice) and normative inferentialism (R. Brandom). The proposed theory addresses the problem of emergence of new meanings, dynamics of meaning, and development of capacity to understand meaning. In place of question of nature of meaning abductive theory of meaning offers the model of meaning transfer with special attention to commitments of speakers and hearers.
Mayanskiy E.
arxiv.org. math. Cornell University, 2013. No. 5150.
We list all finite abelian groups which act effectively on smooth cubic fourfolds.
Bogomolov F. A., Halle L. H., Pazuki F. et al.
math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2016
We study Calabi-Yau threefolds fibered by abelian surfaces, in particular, their arithmetic properties, e.g., Neron models and Zariski density.
De Palma A., Papageourgiou Y., Thisse J. et al.
Centre for Economic Policy Research Discussion Paper Series. ISSN 0265-8003. Centre for Economic Policy Research, 2018. No. DP13181.
We provide a bare-bones framework that uncovers the circumstances which lead either to the emergence of equally-spaced and equally-sized central places or to a hierarchy of central places. We show how these patterns reflect the preferences of agents and the efficiency of transportation and communication technologies. Under one class of agents, the economy is characterized by a uniform distribution or by a periodic distribution of central places having the same size. Under two asymmetric classes of agents, the interaction between agents may give rise to a hierarchy of settlements with one or several primate cities.
Gorsky E., Горский М. А.
Working papers by Cornell University. Cornell University, 2011
 We construct an action of the braid group on n strands on the set of parking functions of n cars such that elementary braids have orbits of length 2 or 3. The construction is motivated by a theorem of Lyashko and Looijenga stating that the number of the distinguished bases for An singularity equals (n + 1)n−1 and thus equals the number of parking functions. We construct an explicit bijection between the set of parking functions and the set of distinguished bases, which allows us to translate the braid group action on distinguished bases in terms of parking functions. 
arxiv.org. math. Cornell University, 2011. No. 1112.4892v1.
We obtain a partial solution of the problem on the growth of the norms of exponential functions with a continuous phase in the Wiener algebra. The problem was posed by J.-P. Kahane at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Stockholm in 1962. He conjectured that (for a nonlinear phase) one can not achieve the growth slower than the logarithm of the frequency. Though the conjecture is still not confirmed, the author obtained first nontrivial results.
arxiv.org. math. Cornell University, 2015
We prove that a generic complex deformation of a generalized Kummer variety contains no complex analytic tori.
Kuzminov Y., Yudkevich M. M.
Научные доклады Института институциональных исследований. WP10. Высшая школа экономики, 2007. No. 01.
In areas of creative activity where the evaluation of efforts and results requires major expenditures, the intrinsic motivation of agents is an important factor of efficiency, whereas stringent monitoring fails to counteract opportunistic behavior. University professors are a case in point. The lack of comprehensive control and detailed regulation of professorial work that traditionally characterizes the university milieu creates an atmosphere of academic freedom that is propitious to intrinsic motivation. Academic freedom lies at the basis of the convention regulating the behavior of university administration and professors. It gives rise to an equilibrium state in which professors engage in both teaching and research, yet this equilibrium is not evolutionary stable in itself: as a rule, it is maintained by academic standards. New conditions of financing that are imposed on both the professoriate and the university administration lead to the destruction of this equilibrium and the emergence of new behavioral patterns at universities. Their characteristics depend both on external conditions (on the education market as a whole) and on internal ones (the university’s policy and the university academic environment).
Olga Gorelova, Lovakov A.
Education. EDU. Высшая школа экономики, 2016. No. WP BRP 32/EDU/2016.
The literature on the consequences of academic inbreeding shows ambiguous results: some papers show that inbreeding positively influences research productivity, measured in the quantity and quality of publications, while others show the opposite effect. There are contradictory results both in studies of different countries and within countries. Such a variety of results makes it impossible to transfer the findings from one academic system to another, and in Russia this problem has been under explored. This paper focuses on the relationship between inbreeding and publication activity among Russian faculty members. The results, using Russian data from the Changing Academic Profession survey, showed no substantial effect of academic inbreeding on research productivity. Inbred and non-inbred faculty members do not differ substantially in terms of the probability of having publications, or how many, although for inbreds such probability is slightly higher. These results are robust for different operationalizations of inbreeding and measures of publication activity. However the absence of significant differences in the number of publications may not mean the absence of a difference in their quality. The possible explanations and limitations of the standard measures of research productivity are discussed.
Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2014. No. WP BRP 81/HUM/2014.
The article presents an analysis of the practice of awarding degrees in Russia in the 1830s. The author considered legal and regulatory acts, memoirs and archival documents and studied the ways of climbing the academic or bureaucratic ladders, which were open to graduates. The article describes some typical and atypical cases of degree awards. The analysis revealed the turbulent way that the state regulated this sphere, and the existence of alternative ways of acquiring an academic degree, which made it possible for a Minister of Education to interfere in the procedures for academic attestation.