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Tag "international faculty"

The Earliest Cat on the Northern Silk Road

Cat in a modern village near Dzhankent
Associate Professor Irina Arzhantseva and Professor Heinrich Haerke from the HSE Centre of Classical and Oriental Archaeology (Faculty of Humanities) have been involved in the discovery of the earliest domestic cat yet found in northern Eurasia. The study has been published in Scientific Reports journal.

'I Hope That I Will Be Able to Travel to Moscow to Be with My HSE Colleagues and Friends Soon'

Jonathan Calof
Jonathan Calof has been cooperating with HSE since 2009. In an interview with HSE News Service he talks about how his involvement with HSE began, what projects he has been part of, and how he has organized his online work during the recent lockdown.

Researching Innovations in Rapidly Growing Cities

Sabyasachi Tripathi, postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, talks about researching urbanization and innovation in Russia in an interview to the HSE Look.

Studying Cultural History of Ethnic Minorities in the USSR

Isabelle R. Kaplan, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences, talks about her research on non-Slavic minorities in the Soviet Union in an interview to the HSE Look.

Shedding Light on Mysteries of the Past

Michele Minardi
Michele Minardi, from Italy, holds a PhD in Archaeology from Sydney University and has spent a number of years in investigating Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. He has recently joined the team of Centre of Classical and Oriental Archaeology of the Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies as a Research Fellow. We spoke with Michele about his projects, teaching methods and expedition plans.

Studying History and Nation-Building in Borderlands

Alexandr Voronovici,a second year postdoctoral research fellow at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences, shared his experience of teaching transnational perspective on Soviet history to HSE students.

'I Am Working at the Intersection of Economics and Education'

Bernardo Pincheira is a Research Fellow at the International Research Laboratory for Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms, Center for Institutional Studies. Having graduated from the University of Nottingham with a PhD in Economics, Dr. Pincheira shared his interest in Economics of Education and peer effects in the classroom.

‘The Sense of Doing Something New Appeals to Me’

Irina Arzhantseva and Heirich Härke at the International Congress in St. Petersburg
Professor Heinrich Haerke, a renowned archaeology expert, has been cooperating with HSE University researchers for a long time. This year he has joined HSE as a Professor at the recently formed Centre for Classical and Oriental Archaeology. He has talked to HSE News Service about his research interests, field projects, and teaching archaeology.

‘I Did Not Have to Think Twice before Accepting the Offer to be Research Fellow at HSE University’

Francisco Cabrera
Francisco Cabrera, a Research Fellow in the Center for Institutional Studies (CINST) at HSE  is working under the supervision of Dr. Maria Yudkevich on projects on human capital accumulation using the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey - HSE. He is planning to stay in Moscow for one year at least.

‘Cognitive Skills Are not Sufficient to Be Successful in Labour Market’

This September, HSE – St. Petersburg hosted the 3rd IZA/HSE University Workshop on Skills and Preferences and Labor Market Outcomes in Post-Transition and Emerging Economies. HSE News Service spoke with Professor Lehmann, co-organizer of the workshop, about human capital, the importance of cognitive and noncognitive skills, and the challenges empirical labour economists encounter when studying these issues in post-transition and emerging economies.