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ЗСТ ЕАЭС как новый эффективный формат развития внешнеторговых связей России

ABSTRACT. The Regional Trade Agreements

(RTA) as a legal format of trade

between countries has been actively developed

within the last decades. Russian involvement

in RTAs until recently was modest.

However, after the EAEU creation in

2015, trade policies of the member countries

have changed. Setting up the RTAs

has become an important priority of the

EAEU’s common trade policy. In this study,

the assessment is made of the significance

for the Russian domestic policies of the already

signed and planned FTAs. The focus

of the methodology of the study lies in computations of three trade indices: export

significance index (suggested by authors

and based on the revealed comparative advantage

index), trade intensity index and

symmetric trade introversion index, which

were calculated for the totality of trade partners

of Russia for 2019 (193 countries) in

order to identify the most promising countries

to conclude new FTAs. Authors come

to a conclusion that the already signed Russian

RTAs and newly planned Russian common

FTAs on behalf of the EAEU have

a potential to generate trade. Another important

result of the study is that it provides

the list of the first-priority countries for the

new-coming FTAs for Russia and the EAEU

partners in terms of efficiency in generating

trade, that are - Egypt, Turkey, Algeria,

Republic of Korea and Mongolia. The authors

suggest to make similar calculations

for other countries to support the revealed